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November 11, 2012

Winter Looming

Another winter looms around the corner after a long, long summer and warm fall. But as the earth tilts, even global warming won't stop it from grabbing us by the neck and shaking the daylight out of us.

I don't like the cold and don't look forward to the glove-covered fingers that still hurt and get numb when I'm outside. Our plans to visit Yosemite to take pictures in February won't be deterred, though. No pain, no pictures.

The sandhill cranes are coming back to the area. The rice fields are being cut and flooded just for them and the numberless waterfowl that make the Central Valley their winter home.

Hunters are blasting away at the ducks around the Preserve at Cosumnes River. Pretty jarring, but the birds seem to be used to them (and the freeway truck noise that constantly drones in the distance). Birds get used to all sorts of distractions - like cars driving through their habitat. But the line is drawn at anything two or four legged mammals.