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August 31, 2011

Yikes! Yowling Yellow!

Ginnie's entry of a restored gas pump: "Shot on Main Street in Templeton last Sunday morning with our 'little guy' camera on AE. 2.8, 1/1000, ISO 80, Flash ON. " Jack says this is an authentic gas pump which sits in place at an old station at 7th and Main. The service station has been converted to the 'Burger Station' where you can order old fashioned juice-running-down-your-arm burgers and great french fries. Closed on Sundays the way everything should be."

Harry's entry of a tobacco field: "Yellow out this way means tobacco. From our home we can look about a 1/4 mile away to the next road over which is actually kind of on a hill. Just grabbed these in a hurry. When I smoked I guess it was Mellow Yellow-a trib to Donovan-but not any longer." Harry lives in Danville, KY.

My friend, Linda, in Lodi loves to take pictures, too, and submitted these two of her huge sunflowers. Or maybe it's the same flower. I think she had to stand on a ladder to get the closeup.

Megen had to go all the way to Las Vegas for this shot: "The view from the 49th floor of the Palazzo in Las Vegas...note the chardonnay yellow storm clouds. Yes, I enhanced the colors and the focus is distorted. But very fun!"

Don, you didn't say where this house is located. Looks like it's close to Disneyland. Also looks like an artist lives there!


More of Don's handiwork. I think this is close to Paso Robles. Safflower is my guess.

Yours Truly likes to shoot anything with clouds hanging around. This is the top of a Comcast Cable satellite dish in their yard on Tam O'Shanter Drive with the moon setting at sunrise. Taken with my Canon SD980 point and shoot.

Hopelessly drab, but I do like clouds after a summer without them. Had to change the color of the building from beige to yellow to qualify for this challenge.

Cousin Bruce got his poppy picture in right under the wire. Looks like a California Poppy living outside of Bend, OR. Doesn't look homesick, and I don't blame him.
"It's been a wet year this year.  Hard to find too much yellow amongst all this green.  This photo was taken in David's back yard in Bend."

Thanks, Bruce!

Thanks to everyone who labored for this assignment. I'll be posting September's challenge soon. Keep shooting!

August 5, 2011

First Bloomin' Sunflower

Most of the sunflowers we planted in mid-June are now up and ready to blush in all their glory. The first one to see the light was this red one with bright yellow stamens. It is among a choir of mixed notes, some of which are about 18" tall and others about 6'.

The miniature agapanthus wimped out on us this year. A couple of them died, but this one is holding on, right in front of Agatha, whose porcelain portrait graces the backyard behind the flower bed. She is strikingly striking with her Mona Lisa smile and globular eyes. You wouldn't want to hang her in the living room by Uncle Tilden, that's for sure!