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October 1, 2011

September Photo Challenge

Thanks to all who submitted photos for September's weird and woefully wacky F.U.N. challenge. My apologies for raising the bar a bit too high for us non-professionals. But we still had FUN, didn't we?

Ginnie's picture was taken in Paso Robles. Its title is "Fix or Repair Daily," which we all know is longhand for Ford, which is seen reflected in the window. Lots of color here.

Bruce trekked around to find a few covered barns to shoot in the Willamette Valley in Oregon. This first one is the Stayton-Jordan footbridge, erected in 1988 to connect people walking from one park to another in Stayton, OR. Placed over the Salem Power Canal, it was destroyed by fire due to faulty Christmas tree lighting, but was rebuilt in 1998. Massive and sturdy now, it looks like it will last another 100 years. I'm titling this picture, "Not For Fords."

This second bridge spans Crabtree Creek. Named the Larwood Bridge, it was built in 1939 and can be seen in Scio, OR. I like the way the shade on the bridge compliments/contrasts with the light rocks in the foreground, giving a nice balance to the shot. Title: "1939 Undercover Freeway"

Unfortunately, Kennedy Gold Mine in Jackson, CA isn't a F.U.N. kind of place by any stretch. The Forty-Niners hated the low wages (the clock started AFTER you were lowered into the mine and ended BEFORE you made your ascent from a mile down). They also hated the unsafe conditions and the fact that you'd lose your hearing after a few years. I found this turkey (?) feather and used it to contrast the "Freedom of Flight and (mis)Fortunes of Niners."

Once an all-moving collection of noisy machinery and clanging ore crushers, every piece of equipment is now silent at this mine. More than silent, it has been frozen by water and weather into a rusted and crumbling hulk of steel and wood. The Ichabod of the Sierra, the "glory has departed" to take its place in the history books and memories of old timers who still remember the operation back in the '40's. I've given this photo the title: "Nuts and Bolts"

Don was out chasing the wind a few weeks ago and heard a strange sound behind a hill on Hwy 46 West. The next thing he knew, a hot air balloon slowly lifted above the vineyards, newlyweds in tow (or basket). Thankfully, he had his trusty Nikon D300 with him and zoomed along behind the tracking vehicle. He was able to get this "down under" shot with the moon perfectly placed beside it. Great shot, Don! You won't get that one again! Both of his balloon shots bear the title: "Hot Air Balloon Chasing on an FXDL from the Highway Forty-six Farm Stand."

We're going to make October a lot easier on our "challenge" sensitivities by asking for Your Best Shot. So you can really submit anything you like. Just make sure it was taken in October. All previous rules apply.

• Must be taken by October 31.
• Manipulation is accepted.
• Any camera can be used.
• Creativity counts
• You can submit as many shots as you want, but only two of my choice will be posted.

Thanks and happy shooting!