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February 19, 2012

Doors Galore

In the history of all things symbolic, doors are on my top ten list. How many times have we opened a door, closed a door, walked through a door, locked a door, caught a finger in a door or walked INTO a door? We're probably up in the hundreds of thousands over a lifetime.

Doors keep the weather out, keep the kids out, keep the dog out, and keep intruders out (hopefully).

Doors open for friends, open for kids and grandkids, open for strangers selling security systems, open for some fresh air and open to let out all the smoke from a botched chicken bake.

Our photo assignment for this month is 'Doors and Windows,' so it was a good excuse to head to the foothills and do some scouting. Shooting doors and windows is not as easy as it looks. If you're using a wide-angle lens, you have distortion problems to worry about. A lot of these pictures have had their perspective corrected in Photoshop. You simply click on Image, then Transform, then Distort and drag the corner points until everything lines up the way you want. It's a bit of a contrived look, but for me, the get-every-line-as-straight-as-possible guy, it was necessary.

So write your elected officials and demand that February is declared "Doors and Windows Month." Can you imagine a world without them?